Frequently Asked Questions.

Viper – Press button like ringing a door bell just push and let go
Idata – Press and  hold for 3 sec until the led lights up.

Walgreens or Walmart they use common watch batteries. Viper 2016 or 2032………. I data 2450

No, in the 80’s a law was passed called the Magnuson Moss Act. It states unless a dealer was going to offer you the same product for free they can’t void your warranty if you have some thing professionally installed on your car.

The difference is a 1 way, only sends out a a signal to the car. To know if it started you would need to see it. A 2way remote sends out a signal and receives one back from the car after it starts. So you can just look at your remote and it will tell you the car started in some way.